Blog Prompts

Blog Prompts

Blog #1: 

Think about this class and its content: United States History since 1877. I know you haven’t read much of the course material at this point, I’m interested in hearing about your early thoughts about the class. What topics on the syllabus stand out to you the most? Why? Do you have a personal connection to this history? Answer the following question prompt in 250 words: “The history of the United States since 1877 matters to me because...”

Blog #2:

In 250 words, describe how westward expansion greatly affected Native American communities and non-Native emigrants?

Blog #3:

In 250 words, describe the industrial transformation that emerged and developed in the United States. What are some key places this happened? What sort of new technologies developed over time?

Blog #4:

Look at the image at the top of the American Yawp chapter, “American Empire.” In 250 words, what are the major themes that stand out to you in this political cartoon?

Blog #5:

In 250 words, describe what the “Progressive Era” means. Provide evidence to describe its significance.

Blog #6:

In 250 words, how did World War I affect the U.S. homefront between 1914 and 1918?

Blog #7:

Choose one of the sections in Ch. 2 of the American Yawp, “The New Era,” and describe, in 250 words, its significance to U.S. History. For example, you could describe what exactly the “New Woman” was all about. Or, you could discuss how the Ku Klux Klan re-emerged during this period.

Blog #8:

Describe in 250 words the primary causes and consequences of the Great Depression. What policies, initiatives, or ideas came out of this drastic period of American history?

Blog #9:

In 250 words, describe the major causes of the Cold War. Why did it emerge and who were the central actors?

Blog #10:

What sort of racial struggles do you see in American Yawp’s chapter, “The Affluent Society”?

Blog #11:

The American Yawp writes that “The 1960s wrought enormous cultural change.” After reading this chapter, in 250 words, describe the sort of changes that drastically impacted the United States.

Blog #12:

Historical Marker Review: Find a local historical marker close to you. This could be a monument, a wayside marker along the highway, an exhibit at a local museum, or a plaque on a university building. If you’re in Mankato, for example, you could visit the Blue Earth County Library and look at the Winter Warrior monument. If you’re able to visit the Brown County Historical Society, you could visit a museum exhibit and write about its contents and parts that stand out to you. If you’re interested (or unable to travel), I’d be happy to allow you to view digital exhibits—just let me know ahead of time. Make sure to take a few photos of the site to share on your blog. If you’re interested in being more creative, you could draw/paint/doodle the historical site. In 500 words, write a blog post that describes the historical space and its history. Why is this place important? How does this relate to U.S. History since 1877? Whose history does this site tell or whose histories are erased or hidden from public view? Why does this matter? How does seeing historical sites impact your study of history beyond textbooks and computer screens?