John R. Legg

Photo by Jennifer Andrella, at Michigan State University, 2021.

John R. Legg is a Ph.D. Candidate in History at George Mason University. He specializes in the history of the American West, Native American history, public history, and digital humanities. His dissertation uses ethnohistory to examine the spatial movement of Dakota people during the nineteenth century. Particularly he examines how Dakota used the U.S.-Canadian borderlands as a strategic tool for diplomacy, kinship, trade, warfare, and survival after Minnesota’s U.S.-Dakota War. Most recently, John was awarded the Phillips Fund for Native American Research from the American Philosophical Society and a Dissertation Research Scholarship from George Mason’s Office of the Provost. In Fall 2022, John's teaching a US History since 1877 survey course at Minnesota State University in Mankato.

John's currently at work on a collaborative public humanities project with George Mason's Center for Humanities Research, funded by Virginia Humanities (read more here), that explores Northern Virginia as a Indigenous space as well as the relationship between the American Indian Movement (AIM) and Central America during the twentieth century. He serves as Book Review Editor for H-CivWar. You can follow his tweets @TheJohnLegg